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Death Cafe- An overlooked resource?

The concept of Death cafe fell into my life as gently as a frangipani on a lap.While researching on what constituted a good death, i came across constant diversion from the topic among all groups in the society ,( I hadn't spoken exclusively to children at that time.) sometimes there was a silence reminding me of how inappropriate the question was at that time( which was all the time) and others when there was laughter and polite " Why talk about it when we have life to live!" implying, "we'l-see-it-when-it-arrives" remark. This raised a lot of questions inside me, on one hand there was annoyance about never being able to know an important part of the people I was talking with (in few cases they were close friends), there was also clear reminder of how sheltered we keep ourselves from other parts of us. There was also a realisation about the denial of Death in our social sphere, perpetuated by constant preparing for later, be it in terms of money, s

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